Classic ($32 + Tax)

The Homer – Vanilla dip with sprinkles (available in any colour)
Chocolate Dip – Classic Chocolate dip doughnut
Chocolate Peanut butter – Chocolate dip doughnut drizzled in peanut butter
Maple Dip – Maple dip doughnut
Lemon Dip – Lemon fondant dip doughnut
Strawberry Dip doughnut –Strawberry fondant dip doughnut 


Supreme ($46 + Tax)

Blueberry Pie – Vanilla dipped doughnut topped with Graham crumb and filled with blueberry filling
Black Forest – Chocolate dip doughnut with cherry filling
Maple crunch – Maple dip cake rimmed in peanut/almond mix with Venetian Cream filling
Salted Caramel – Caramel Fondant with caramel drizzle and sprinkled with sea salt
Reese – Chocolate dipped doughnut loaded with Crushed Reese’s
Oreo – Vanilla dipped doughnut covered in oreo and drizzled in chocolate
Apple Crisp – Apple cinnamon filling with Vanilla fondant and covered in granola
Skor Dip – Vanilla dip doughnut covered in Skor candy and drizzle with chocolate
Boston Cream – Chocolate dip doughnut with Venetian Cream filling
Apple Caramel – Caramel Fondant doughnut with Apple filling
Sour Peach – Sour peach fondant with fuzzy peach candy 
Sour Watermelon – Sour watermelon fondant with sour watermelon candy
S’More – Chocolate fondant base with graham crumb coating and nests of toasted Meringue
Pina Colada – Pineapple filled with toasted coconut
Strawberry Vanilla – Vanilla dipped doughnut with strawberry filling
Maple Bacon- Maple dip doughnut covered in bacon
Lady Scout – Chocolate dipped doughnut with toasted coconut drizzled in caramel
Oscar – Chocolate dip doughnut decorated to look like Oscar the grouch
Lemon Blueberry – Lemon filled doughnut with blueberry fondant
Chocolate Raspberry – Chocolate dip with raspberry filling



Premium ($68+Tax)

Triple Chocolate – Chocolate dip doughnut covered in oreo and filled with chocolate Venetian
Cheesecake – Cream cheese frosting with graham crumb with your choice of filling
Reese Explosion – Chocolate dip covered in Reese and filled with Peanut butter Venetian
Banana split – Chocolate dip covered in peanuts and filled with Banana Venetian
Lemon Meringue – Lemon filled cake covered in meringue
Sensual seduction – Peaks of N
utella with halved Ferrero Roche pushed into Nutella
Slim Shady – Vanilla dipped doughnut loaded with mini M&M’s